Oil and Gas Royalty Review and Auditing

Welcome to Royalty Management Systems

Royalty Management Systems provides natural resource management and auditing for small to large royalty owners throughout the United States. Our attention to detail and thorough examination of leases, check detail, state reporting and specific area information can help you maximize your royalty checks and ensure that you are being paid what you are owed for your minerals.


Mineral Management

When leasing your minerals, as lessor you want to get the most money for your minerals. This is achievable through lease bonuses, royalty percentage, and royalty clauses. We can negotiate higher lease bonuses, higher royalty percentages and lease clauses that will ensure you get larger royalty checks.


Whether you have been approached by a company to lease your minerals, already leased or want to see if anybody is interested in leasing your minerals, Royalty Management Systems can help.


Royalty Auditing

Through a royalty audit, a royalty owner can be assured that they are being paid correctly. Underpayments or overcharges can be made on volumes, sales, expenses, taxes, pricing, offset wells and many other lease clause possibilities.


Royalty Management Systems analyses every possible underpayment or overcharge on a well by well basis and will make claim on as needed for clients.



Document Management

Royalty Management Systems keeps a file of records and can supply a number of different reports for its clients which include exact volume, product, value, price, tax and expenses paid to the royalty owner on a well by well basis as well as check basis.