Mineral Management

Whether you have been approached by a company to lease your minerals, already leased or want to see if anybody is interested in leasing your minerals, Royalty Management Systems can help.


When leasing your minerals, as lessor you want to get the most money for your minerals. This is acheiveable through lease bonuses, royalty percentage, and royalty clauses. We can negotiate higher lease bonuses, higher royalty percentages and lease clauses that will ensure you get larger royalty checks.


After leasing your oil, gas, and natural resources, Royalty Management Systems watches your minerals to ensure the lease is followed. Many operators will not make proper royalty payments to the terms of your leases. A complex mineral lease will have provisions in it that can increase your revenue many percentage points over your royalty decimal. These lease clauses can be difficult to manage, calculate, and enforce.


Royalty Management Systems simplifies this process and does it all for you. All check stub payment is processed monthy for it's clients. While doing this, a comparison is made between leases that should be paid and leases that are paid. With all of this data collected, Royalty Management Systems can further manage your royalties through an extensive royalty audit.