Proper Natural Resource lease negotiation is the only way to maximize the amount of money you will make through the life of the lease. Leases only expire if production stops or production never starts. As a mineral owner you will want to get the highest production percentage, highest bonus available, and clauses that are favorable to you and not the operator.


Without proper knowledge you will be letting the operator to pay you whatever they want to through their unwillingness or inability to negotiate contracts for processing, pricing, lease use volumes, plant use volumes, shrinkage, loss, and theft.


Most old leases provide for the Lessor to receive 1/8th (12.5%) of what the operator received at the well. This would allow the operator to pay you on only 12.5% of your minerals. Then they are allowed to use your proportionate share of your gas until it is sold. In addition to the amount they use they are allowed to reduce the price and add expenses depending on where they actually sell you natural resources.


Dont let this happen to you. Royalty Management Systems will negotiate the best least possible in your favor.


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